Thursday, January 1, 2009

Opportunities in the New Year

Happy New Year One and All!

I hope this finds you all enjoying a joyous holiday season and relaxing for a busy new 2009!

First question on most of your minds...What is going on with Orphan Works? It died when the Legislative Session ended in 2008. HOWEVER, January 8th is just around the corner. That is the start of the new Legislative Session. Rumors are swirling that new Orphan Works legislation will be forthcoming. HOWEVER, we firmly believe that the message has finally gotten to all sides of the issue that the visual arts community is not going away and needs a seat at the table. We stand ready, wiling, and able to help bring forth solutions to solving a problem, while balancing the interests of those who make their living from their work.

The Craft and Hobby Association Winter Show is quickly approaching January 24-28th in Anaheim. The focus will be on "Green" opportunities in the craft industry and an expanded Licensing and Design Section will be forthcoming. If you are interested in licensing...this is a GREAT place to be, network, find artists, find opportunities, and be part of a 30 plus Billion Dollar a year organization.

I am proud to announce that I will be speaking on International Law issues on January 25th. It promises to be full of tips and tricks for successful international relationships. Our firm is constantly fielding questions regarding the "ins and outs" of working across borders. The seminar will be from both a US perspective and an International Perspective. It promises to be full of information...that is for sure. There is so much to put in just 1 hour of time!

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Creating Successful International Relationships
Business Seminar S114

Speaker: Tammy Browning-Smith
Room 207A
The World is getting smaller. Today a business must work across international borders to succeed, but often face complicated legal and communication issues to make these deals a reality. Tammy Browning-Smith works extensively with international relationships, she can break it down and show you how!
This seminar, for both US and International Attendees, will focus on issues that international business deals must consider to make their relationship a success, including:
• Different Laws, Taxes, and Customs across the Globe
• Protecting Your Ideas and Products across borders
• Hints & Helps for Greater Profitability
Plus…all attendees will leave with an International Resource Guide for further research.

The second item that we will be participating in is a "consulting series." This is basically a one on one with me for a 1/2 hr. The sessions will be for educational purposes only, but will give participants an idea of where to go and what type of resources they may need to look for. There are several different professionals sharing their promises to be great!

I speak throughout the year and this is one of my most enjoyable and busiest venues. CHA has made it possible to attend many different seminars at a reasonable prices and have a special express pass for a fixed fee ($50???) that allows you to attend many different seminars. It is a GREAT deal.

Here's to a Create New Year (and hopefully more posts from me!)

Create with your Heart and Your Head!

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