Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wishing Our Friend Safe Journeys...

First off, let me say, I know this is an Arts and Crafts Law Blog. You've come here for information. However, we are also human here. Sometimes, information and inspiration comes in different forms and education comes when we least expect it!

The licensing industry, art world, and the world in general was dealt a serious blow this week with the passing of Renee Bolusky (Chrysalis Studios) from this life to the next. Renee, a talented artist and amazing human being, fought the brave and courageous battle with cancer. She left behind a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, loving family, and amazing friends. It is hard to believe that she was under 50 years old (remember, women don't tell their age!).
I wish I could offer an explanation for her passing, but I cannot. I do know that such a compassionate, vibrant being of light (even to the end) does not leave us. Do you ever wonder where a "wild idea from nowhere" comes from or how about that sudden burst of creativity? I have no doubt it comes from people like Renee who have passed from the other side.
Here at Browning-Smith, P.C., we are deeply saddened at her passing. Not only were we honored to call her a client, but we even more treasured the opportunity to call her a friend. If her family permits, we will continue to see that her outstanding talent continues to brighten this world...just has she did for 40+ years. Please know that our hearts go out to them and to all who have lost a loved one. We ache with you.
We are not posting her picture or her artwork here. We encourage you to visit her website. We want you to notice her logo - it is the pink ribbon with butterfly wings. She saw her cancer as a new opportunity. The lessons Renee taught us are many, but one of the most important ones to remember is that...
Beauty is everywhere, in everything, and in everyone.
Enjoy & Celebrate Life!
Tammy & Everyone at Browning-Smith P.C.

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Andy Mathis said...

Omg, that is so sad.

I met her at the Atlanta Gift Show in July 2007. I do remember her mentioning being a cancer survivor during conversation over dinner.

Her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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